When a Lawyer Isn’t Enough? Benefits of Hiring a Litigation Support Specialist

Having to go to court is a stressful time. It is an uncertain period in which you are working with others to protect your assets, reputation, and (sometimes) livelihood. Most people usually understand that they need a lawyer’s assistance as they navigate the system. Sometimes, though, it requires more. Should your case hinge on something technical, you may want to recruit the efforts of a litigation specialist. Working together, this duo may be able to resolve your case.

Provide Experience

While your lawyers understand the legal basis of your case, a litigation support specialist can offer expertise in particular fields. This is more than a paraprofessional. Often the specialist has a background (or is maybe even considered an expert) in another field. If you’re case is focused on financial issues, a specialist who has worked with money could help understand the numbers and process. Are you in a medical case? The specialist might understand hospital procedures or treatment methods. In other words, the lawyer thinks about the rules and the specialist thinks about the content.

Lightens the Paperwork Load

Part of the specialist’s job is to work with technology and manage documentation. Cases involve paperwork, and this can be tedious. While your lawyer focuses on the concepts, approach and rules, your specialist is helping to put it together. When it comes time for court, the specialist uses the technology and your legal staff presents the information. Why is this important? The judge and jury are focused on a human communicating a passionate explanation and not someone clicking a projector button.

Cases can drag out and become overwhelming. Sometimes simply having an extra set of eyes and ears provides a new angle or a different avenue. The more brains put together could offer a better solution and (hopefully) a faster resolution.

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